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We at RAMSI are dissipating the foundation of affordable healthcare services to people who are deprived of quality drugs in Tier 1 and 2 cities. We are arduously reaching the masses from some of the remotest parts of the country in order to deliver quality drugs. This is conceivable only due to the presence of our exceptional team and innovative resources. We believe in giving more towards the people who in essence lift our aim to leave a notable mark in the healthcare industry and also among the destitute who are seeking a genuine and trustworthy venture. Currently, we are concentrating our services in the areas in and around Jharkhand and further plan to extend our services to various other states and cities that need quality medication.


The decision to start something like RAMSI was birthed upon understanding the urgency and lack of medicinal deprivation in smaller towns and states of the country. 1.6 Million People die every year in the country due to a lack of proper medication and healthcare. A large portion of these numbers are currently settling in small states and towns that are often left behind from large pharma companies targets and that is where RAMSI comes to emancipate and serve the needy. We are consistently working towards bridging the gap between the unmet medical and societal needs through a comprehensive value chain that leaves no man behind on account of where they live and how they live.


1. Innovation
We work towards innovating the most comprehensive and advanced environment that aims at cultivating an atmosphere where great ideas and technology comes to life, along with new milestones and targets. 

2. Customer-Centric
At the core of our business lies the customer who is not only satiating their needs but also providing us a certitude of trust and belief for our work. 

3. Performance-Centric
RAMSI is only possible with the furtherance of our people who are determined to achieve and explore neoteric opportunities. 

4. Society-Centric
Above everything is our commitment to give back to the society and its people which keeps our perseverance and endurance unscathed.


Our mission to make medicinal healthcare accessible to everyone in the country and constantly set new benchmarks in the healthcare industry.

RAMSI Vision is to reach the ruralist and every part of India with its affordable and quality medicines.